Maurice’s Law of Misplaced Items

Maurice’s Law of Misplaced Items basically states that the thing you have misplaced is going to be in the most relatively inconvenient location possible. I had an opportunity to test this just today.

I was looking for something and I determined that the housekeeper had mistaken it for garbage. So, there were about four bags of garbage to choose from. One from the office full of paper and such, one from the kitchen with miscellaneous kitchen refuse, one from the babies room full of dirty diapers, and one with stuff from the garbage cans in the rest of the house mostly odds and ends, tissues and such. So, which bag contains the misplaced item? This one is kind of a toss up between the kitchen and the diapers, but the problem could be solved easily by smell. The diaper bag smelled way worse than the kitchen bag so that was the obvious first place to look, and in fact turned out to be the correct choice to find the misplaced item.

Now, you might be thinking I just got “lucky”. Have you ever smelled a bag of dirty diapers that has been roasting in the sun for several hours? If so then you know I’m in no way lucky, if not just imagine it. No, it’s worse than that! Way worse!

So, there you have it a simple Law that helps you find misplaced items. Enjoy.

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