Docker 1.11 and Otto 0.2.0

While prepping for an upcoming presentation I recreated the development environment described in my previous post on using Docker in development and production environments. Much to my surprise the creation failed while trying to start the Postgresql Docker container with an error “shim error: invalid argument”. This appears to be related to running Docker 1.11 on Linux kernels prior to 3.10. By default Otto uses the “hashicorp/precise64” box which has Linux kernel 3.2.0. So fail.

I haven’t had a chance to completely determine what should be changed where in order to prevent this type of issue. However, for a quick work around for the particular config in my article you can otto compile followed by editing the Vagrantfile in “.otto/compiled/dev/Vagrantfile” and replacing the box definition with “ubuntu/trusty64”. Trusty uses Linux kernel greater than 3.10 so this eliminates the issue.

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