Monthly Archives: November 2007

Nobody Likes A Quitter

Several weeks ago I noticed that someone had written the phrase “Nobody likes a quitter.” on a white board in my office. I’ve been pondering this for quite some time now, and I have a few thoughts.

It seems like at least a few people would in fact like quitters. For example,┬áthe runner up in a contest comes to mind. Wouldn’t it be nice if just before winning the person in first place decided they couldn’t hack it anymore?

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My Business Website: Ready to Rock

The Prometheus Software, LLC website is now up. Products are available. By products I mean just the one screencast on creating a Hello World application in C#. This is the first time I’ve created a screencast of this quality, it took about 50 hours or so. I spent maybe one hour recording the raw footage and another 49 figuring out how to put everything together. I threw out several versions before I came up with the workflow that ended in this final product. Now I think I can use this same workflow to produce another episode in much less time, but we’ll see what happens. The file is available now for $1, which covers download costs and PayPal fees plus a little extra for my efforts.