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Logic Studio 9 on Quad G5 Unsupported but Working

If like me you thought G5 support was dropped to soon in the Logic product line you may be happy to hear that what this means is that Apple won’t answer your questions. I’ve been running Logic 9 on my 4 year old quad G5 for about a week now. Ran some rather heavy projects and there were no issues. Though I did have to bring Logic Node into the mix once.

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Storage Problems Part 3: Resolution

I’m declaring my storage problems to be resolved. Though I’m sure this will come up again. I have to believe at this point I will not encounter the issue for several more years. I now have about 5 TB of free storage across several systems, with another 1.5 TB drive ready to act as either a backup or additional space. About three years ago I had about 1 TB of free space and no idea how I’d ever fill it. Now I know.

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Snow Leopard 10.6.1 Update Weirdness

About a week after release I ran the 10.6.1 update only to find that it had failed to install. I’m not sure exactly what happened since my typical method of carrying out updates is to click whatever needs clicked then move back to working on whatever other system is available. I do know that I was left with a dialog proclaiming that the update had failed and I should restart. Fine. I restart. Upon restarting the machine – my MacBook Pro circa 2007 – sat at the boot screen (grey screen with the little spinner) for at least 30 minutes. Not good. I restarted again but this time with the verbose boot sequence – Command-V at startup. Turns out the machine could not find a needed kernel extension for SCSI. Not sure why it needs SCSI but apparently the file was lost in the attempted update. It was clear that whatever happened the system was not going to fix itself, and Google wasn’t sure what was happening either as most the posts I could find related to the specific error talked of hardware failures.

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Toshiba LCD TV POS!

It’s really very simple. My wife and I don’t care much for going out to see movies. We like movies. It’s just that to go out means finding a sitter, finding a movie, getting tickets, standing in line to pick up tickets, standing in line to buy overpriced popcorn and a soda, and finally sitting in an uncomfortable chair in a large room with at least one very rude asshole who doesn’t realize where he or she is. There is always the talking on the phone or more recently the texting with backlights ruining the view of the movie. It’s an overly complicated algorithm for a software designer that just wants things to work. So instead we bought a TV.

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PeepCode Still Inspiring, Now Cheaper

PeepCode as I mentioned previously is quite an inspiring idea, and quite useful for learning new things about software in a fairly straight forward easy way. I bought a few of these a couple years back and liked them. I have to admit I mostly forgot about PeepCode until recently when I visited their site and found a screen-cast on making screen-casts and the software they use. Since I have done a few myself I was hooked and had to know what they are doing.

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A Leopard 10.5.2 Update: Still no panic!

As mentioned in my last post 10.5.2 seems to have fixed the previous issues I have experienced with Leopard. After several weeks of living with it I am very happy to report that I have not had a single panic since the update. I believe the issue is closed, but it it hard to say what the problem was based on the lack of information maintained by Apple regarding their updates. Given the alternative (Vista) I’d highly recommend Leopard at this point.

Leopard: Beta ends at 10.5.2

Well I’m happy to report that Leopard, the latest revision to Apple’s Mac OS X, has finally stopped crashing my machine. Apple released Leopard after an initial delay of over six months in October of last year. I was one of those that installed on the release date, having pre-ordered my copy from Apple. I have had several problems with this release compared to Tiger.

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