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Lessons Learned or Not

I’ve just had a sudden realization. All those years in school looking at the other students thinking why can’t they be smarter and just get the math, science, or whatever – I was wrong. They weren’t the slow ones because they were learning exactly the lesson the curriculum was designed to teach them. I was slow. I missed the point. I did not learn my lessons properly.

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Unfortunately for the music industry I’m a rat

Seth Godin wrote this ingenious analysis of market changes titled “It’s not the rats you need to worry about“. It got me to thinking about how I prefer CDs over downloaded music. Primarily I have this preference based on the quality of the content. I’d prefer not to have more physical media taking up space in my house, but until someone offers CD quality lossless downloads I feel like I’m stuck. However, I’m not the ideal customer. The last time I bought a CD was 6 months ago, the time before that was a year and a half. One CD a year is not going to sustain your industry.

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Nobody Likes A Quitter

Several weeks ago I noticed that someone had written the phrase “Nobody likes a quitter.” on a white board in my office. I’ve been pondering this for quite some time now, and I have a few thoughts.

It seems like at least a few people would in fact like quitters. For example,┬áthe runner up in a contest comes to mind. Wouldn’t it be nice if just before winning the person in first place decided they couldn’t hack it anymore?

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