My Business Website: Ready to Rock

The Prometheus Software, LLC website is now up. Products are available. By products I mean just the one screencast on creating a Hello World application in C#. This is the first time I’ve created a screencast of this quality, it took about 50 hours or so. I spent maybe one hour recording the raw footage and another 49 figuring out how to put everything together. I threw out several versions before I came up with the workflow that ended in this final product. Now I think I can use this same workflow to produce another episode in much less time, but we’ll see what happens. The file is available now for $1, which covers download costs and PayPal fees plus a little extra for my efforts.

2 thoughts on “My Business Website: Ready to Rock

  1. maurice Post author

    I’m hoping to have something new together by end of January. Between research project, teaching, and job interviews this month has really rushed past. Next month is going to fly by preparing my proposal. So probably end of January.


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