PeepCode Still Inspiring, Now Cheaper

PeepCode as I mentioned previously is quite an inspiring idea, and quite useful for learning new things about software in a fairly straight forward easy way. I bought a few of these a couple years back and liked them. I have to admit I mostly forgot about PeepCode until recently when I visited their site and found a screen-cast on making screen-casts and the software they use. Since I have done a few myself I was hooked and had to know what they are doing.

Turns out they have a yearly subscription now that gives you access to all their content, downloadable anytime you want for one year. Of course why buy exactly what you need when you can bundle a whole bunch of stuff you don’t for much greater cost? I went for it. I have quite an interest in most the topics they have covered so the expense seemed reasonable to me, you’re mileage may very but at least take a look.