My Business Website: Not ready for Prime-time

I guess I’ll make some notes here on the on going development of my business website. It’s available at There isn’t really much up right now but I’m hoping I’ve used enough of the keywords I’d like to target that I can get a decent ranking on Google in a shorter period of time.

Basically for the past few weeks I’ve been looking into shopping cart software. I’ve tried osCommerce and Zen Cart on a test system. So far Zen Cart is way better, but not exactly what I want. Long term I’d like to write something nice in Rails, but right now it is too much additional effort. The name of the game is speed and that means using what is already built even though I don’t care for the design a great deal.

Basically what I’m really looking for is something like WordPress but with a shopping cart built in, and a forum. So if WordPress, Zen Cart, and phpbb mated but were rewritten in Rails I think I’d have the perfect solution. If anyone knows of where I can get this software please let me know.

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