Top 10 favorite software engineering tools of 2009

Since 2009 is almost officially over here is a list of my favorite software engineering related tools I’ve been using this year. Most of these tools have been around for a while, and I didn’t necessarily just start using them this year. These are all things I just found to be very useful throughout the year doing my job.

  1. Atlassian Jira
  2. IntelliJ IDEA
  3. Visual Paradigm for UML
  4. Atlassian Bamboo
  5. YourKit Java Profiler
  6. TextMate
  7. Git
  8. Atlassian GreenHopper
  9. Atlassian Confluence
  10. OmniFocus – for tracking everything I need to do that falls outside Jira.

And here are some of my favorite tools that I just haven’t had much chance to use but are still really cool:

There are a lot of things from Atlassian on here. The Atlassian Starter licenses mean that I’m using these in my small business as well as at my day job. They help me get things done.

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